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about us ...
by Christian Bernert - Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 1:09 PM

Lean Program Management Academy

With experienced managers from business, research and coaching, the Lean Program Management Academy LPM® stands for forward-looking virtual education and consulting services in the areas of leadership and management at an excellent level. With this yardstick we want to actively contribute to the success of digital transformation, either in seminars, coaching or with tailored in-house solutions for companies.

Shaping a successful future together is our goal! 

We are one of the most important think tanks for lean management and digitization in Europe. Numerous impulses have emanated from here and have had their effect in civil society, politics, business, culture and the media. Tolerance, team understanding and ethical responsibility are the basis of our work. This institution, which also enjoys international recognition, is characterised by its ability to form opinions and to help shape them through discourse with society. We are pursuing a humane digitalisation with the aim of establishing this as a core brand for Europe.


.. brings together people from politics, business, culture and the media.

... sees itself as a centre of modern education and encounter with an ethical background.

... wants to make opinion-forming possible.

... promotes the search for solutions in civil society through discourse.

... organises its work in an interdisciplinary, intercultural and international way.

... participates in the creation of a responsible, just and cooperative society

... develops new leadership models adapted to the context of digital transformation 

Successful managers need a stable foundation and at the same time a lightning-speed perception for trend-setting dynamic action. Especially in a confusing position and under changing conditions, the direction has to be set. The dynamic context places demands on professional and personal skills and requires the continuous development of suitable structures.

We support you with experience and passion in our core areas of leadership, management and personality development. You benefit from the fact that we already know today which management know-how, which demands on (self-)leadership and which personal factors will be important tomorrow. We see ourselves as an effective filter for your educational investments: Critical further development of current topics, practical relevance and sound advice make us a trustworthy partner for the development of your employees and your company.